How Install a Pip Package From a Local or Remote Git Repository.

Using pip from a local repo

pip install git+file:///path/to/your/package#egg=package-name

Please note a couple of things here:

  1. There are 3 slashes after file:
  2. Make sure to add your package-name as an egg parameter. Pipenv will fail the installation without it.

Using pip from a remote repo usingusing ssh

While we are at it, here is how you install a pip package from a remote git repository via ssh: pip install git+ssh://

You can also specify your desired git branch by adding @master at the end of any of these commands.

Using pipenv from a remote repo using https

pipenv install git+

Note that there are 2 slashes now, there is a sllash instead of a colon after, and again, this will fail without a package name.

You can use any number of combinations of these methods to install packages from local or remote repos using pip or pipenv.

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